About Us

Bangladesh Chemical Importers and Merchants Association (BCIMA) is the most helpful association for those who wants to import chemical or who wants to do any business related to chemical in Bangladesh. BCIMA working very hard day and night to preserve the interest of chemical importers and merchants. If you are new in this type of business, then BCIMA is your first destination where you will be able to get all important information related to your business. All members of BCIMA are very helpful. They will share there experience with you so that you can run your business smoothly.

Currently there are 153 members and the number is growing very fast. If your business are related to BCIMA then join us immediately. The process is very easy. Submit below documents and pay membership fee, your membership will be activated instantly.

Necessary Documents:
Please provide photo copy of below documents and also bring original documents so that BCIMA can verify your documents properly.

1. Valid Trade License
2. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) Certificate
3. National ID Card
4. Bank Solvency Certificate / Bank Statement
5. Two Copy Passport Size Photographs
**Membership Fee: 10,500 Taka (Yearly) + 200 Taka Per Month

Office Address:
Bangladesh Chemical Importers and Merchants Association
124 Hazaribagh (Dhaka Tannery Moor), Dhaka-1209.
Phone: 8624009, 01819145007, 01819284161, 01986842486
Email: info@bcima.org, bcimasso@gmail.com